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Davido Reveals His Song Feature Price, Talks Personal Relationships in the Music Industry

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Davido, born David Adedeji Adeleke, has shed light on the cost of featuring him in a song. During a recent appearance on the popular “BOOTLEGKEV podcast,” Davido disclosed his current pricing structure, taking into account his relationship with the artists involved.

According to Davido, his charges vary depending on whether he shares a personal connection with the artist. However, he mentioned that the standard fee for a song feature stands at $100,000. In addition to his appearance on the track, this fee encompasses the production costs of the accompanying music video.

“I’m charging now, right now, timeless, I take a $100k, if I know you, the video cost and everything,” Davido explained during the podcast.

Davido’s revelation provides insight into the financial aspects of securing a collaboration with the acclaimed Afrobeats superstar. As the music industry continues to evolve, such information becomes crucial for artists and producers seeking to collaborate with high-profile talents like Davido.

Establishing personal relationships within the industry appears to play a significant role in determining the final pricing. While Davido didn’t explicitly outline the impact of personal connections on his fees, it suggests that artists he shares a closer bond with might have more flexibility in negotiating the collaboration terms.

Davido’s prominence in the Afrobeats scene, coupled with his international recognition, adds substantial value to his contributions on a track. Artists looking to collaborate with him can expect to invest a considerable sum to secure his signature sound and charismatic presence.

In conclusion, Davido’s recent appearance on the “BOOTLEGKEV podcast” offered valuable insights into his song feature charges. With a standard fee of $100,000, which may vary based on personal relationships, artists can now have a clearer understanding of the financial considerations involved in collaborating with this Nigerian Afrobeats icon.

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Written by Bright Dordzi

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