How Arsenal Could Benefit from the Schedules of Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Chelsea in the Premier League Title Race

Arsenal is currently leading the pack in the Premier League title race with 66 points after 11 games, putting them five points ahead of Manchester City in second place. While stats may be on Arsenal’s side, their competitors for the title, including Manchester City, have other commitments that could impact their performance in the league.

Manchester City is still in the running for the Champions League and FA Cup, and their busy schedule includes matches against Liverpool, Bayern Munich (twice in the Champions League quarterfinals), and Arsenal all in April. With such a demanding schedule, City may be at risk of slipping in the league, while Arsenal has the advantage of having only one remaining midweek fixture against City on March 26th, giving them ample time to rest and prepare for their last PL fixtures.

Although Arsenal’s exit from Europa was disappointing, it would have been even more devastating if they weren’t competing for the title. The Gunners’ fans are solely focused on their team’s strong finish in the Premier League, making them the favorites to take home the trophy.

On the other hand, Manchester City has an unpredictable and challenging two months ahead of them, and anything can happen as they face a series of tough opponents, including Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Brighton, and Brentford. The Premier League title race just got more exciting, and only time will tell who will come out on top in May.

In summary, the schedules of Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Chelsea could inadvertently benefit Arsenal in their quest for the Premier League title. With only one midweek fixture left against Manchester City, Arsenal has the advantage of ample rest and preparation time for their remaining league fixtures. Meanwhile, their competitors for the title, including Manchester City, have a demanding schedule ahead of them, which could impact their league performance.

Written by Sylvester Dordzi

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