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Nourishing Ghanaian Meals for Weight Loss: Embrace Self-Love and Health

Society’s expectations are the battles we fight each day, ‘you are too slim’, ‘add a little weight’, ‘why are you allowing yourself to grow big’ – all these comments heard each day, deteriorate the zeal to be happy and love yourself, day by day. But fear not, we’ve got your back. Lose weight to become a healthy individual, not because of society’s expectations. It’s time to learn to love yourself regardless.

Below, we present a collection of healthy Ghanaian meals that we all love, while offering nutritional benefits for weight loss.

  1. Kontomire Sauce or Soup: Known as cocoyam leaves, kontomire is packed with essential benefits. It boasts high quantities of vitamin C, an antioxidant known to help prevent cancer. Additionally, it aids in digestion and prevents digestive problems. Being low in fat and rich in protein, it can positively influence weight loss. Kontomire also contains Omega 3, which supports the treatment of diseases like lupus and arthritis. Moreover, it helps control blood pressure, enhances sperm production in men, and has a dopamine property that regulates mood and enhances memory.
  2. Garden Eggs Stew: Garden eggs have a high fiber content, making them beneficial for weight loss. They are also highly nutritious for pregnant women who often lack sufficient nutrients due to the baby’s food consumption in the womb. Garden eggs help enhance vision, control sugar levels, and reduce liver disorders. They can be used not only to prepare sauces but also light soups. In other parts of the world, where they are called eggplants, they are used in salads or as a substitute for meat or chicken in meals.
  3. Hausa Koko: Also known as millet porridge, Hausa Koko serves as a good breakfast or light dinner option. Millet is an efficient replacement for corn, wheat, or gluten-containing foods, supporting weight loss. It provides vital amino acids, boosting bone health, preventing muscle damage, improving the immune system, and promoting healthy-looking skin.
  4. Palm-Nut Soup: Termed as Abenkwan in the Akan language, palm-nut soup made from palm kernel oil is rich in nutrients like vitamin E. It is infused with multiple antioxidants, protecting the skin against toxins and harmful UV rays. With tremendous anti-aging benefits and zero trans-fat, it is excellent for weight loss. Palm kernel oil’s healthy unsaturated fats further promote healthier joints, skin, and bones. It also aids vision improvement due to its high vitamin A content.
  5. Koose (Beans Cake): Made from black-eyed peas paste with spices and ground pepper, Koose is a popular breakfast or light dinner option, often served with Hausa Koko. It can serve as a healthy substitute for bread in your diet and a nutritious snack to replace sugary treats. Black-eyed peas are an excellent vegetarian protein source and provide dietary fiber, acting as a laxative to protect the colon and reduce the risk of colon cancer. They also help reduce cholesterol levels and contain high levels of copper and iron, supporting the treatment of anemia. Koose is particularly beneficial for pregnant women and plays a fundamental role in facilitating weight loss.
  6. Agushi Stew: Agushi, also known as Egusi in Nigeria, is a protein-rich seed from the melon or squash plant. It possesses anti-arthritic properties and is rich in vitamin B2, promoting and maintaining healthy skin. Agushi’s dietary fibers aid in food digestion and weight loss. It is also known for its cancer-fighting properties.

Embrace self-love and prioritize your health with these nourishing Ghanaian meals. Remember, it’s time to prioritize your well-being and stay healthy!

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Written by anajoblack

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