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Perfect Match Xtra: Meet the 5 Captivating Couples in the Highly Anticipated TV3 Reality Show

Get ready to be enthralled by Perfect Match Xtra, the highly anticipated reality show on TV3. Hosted by the charismatic Thierry Nyann, this captivating series brings together five couples who embark on an unforgettable quest for happiness, filled with love and fierce competition.

Meet the Engaging Pairs of Perfect Match Xtra

  1. Bebelino and SandraWith a sense of adventure and controversy, fashion designer/model Bebelino and social media influencer Sandra are ready to explore the depths of their connection and discover the true meaning of love.
  2. Dzato and Grace
    Captivating audiences with their magnetic personalities, Dzato and Grace hold different beliefs about love. Will they find compatibility and shared interests as they navigate their romantic journey together?
  3. Kofi Etornam and Lovelyn
    Radiating charm and chemistry, Kofi and Lovelyn promise a journey filled with passion and intense connection, captivating viewers with their irresistible allure.
  4. Ali and Ruth
    Bringing warmth and authenticity to the show, Ali and Ruth’s genuine affection and deep emotional connection are sure to touch the hearts of viewers.
  5. Boy Kodark and Bella
    Filled with intrigue and mystery, Boy Kodark and Bella’s journey on Perfect Match Xtra is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists and turns.

The Exciting Journey of Perfect Match Xtra

Throughout the nine-week-long competition, these five couples will employ various tactics and strategies to win over their ideal match. The fate of the participants will be determined through exciting live eviction and re-coupling shows every Saturday from 8-9:30 pm on TV3.

As a viewer, you have the power to influence the outcome by casting your votes for your favorite couples. Stay connected with the show through the TV3 reality app, available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, and enjoy exclusive 24-hour pay-to-view access to never miss a moment of the romantic rollercoaster.

Experience Perfect Match Xtra – The Ultimate Pursuit of Love and Victory

Produced by Adesa Productions Limited (APL), Perfect Match Xtra guarantees adult-themed entertainment and an immersive lifestyle reality experience. Contestants face evictions if they fail to secure a love match, and only the final couple standing will claim victory as the ultimate Perfect Match.

Join us on this thrilling journey of love, romance, and competition as we witness the highs and lows, the joys and heartaches, and the ultimate pursuit of happiness on Perfect Match Xtra. Don’t forget to cast your votes and support your favorite couple as they navigate the unpredictable path of love!


Written by anajoblack

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