Putin Pushes Finland and Sweden to Join NATO

Following Russia\’s invasion in Ukraine, the two countries who over 70 years has stayed neutral are now on the verge of joining the NATO for security.

The move to join the western military alliance seems to be motivated by Russia\’s occupation of Ukraine and the war crime being committed by Russian soldiers.

Despite the fact that Sanna Marin the the Prime minister for the social democrats declared in January 2022 that Finland has no interest of joining NATO, the war in Ukraine and NATO\’s reluctance to get involved in Ukraine\’s defense, proves a point that it is better to join while you still can, before its too late.

This is the key reasons why the two countries are making the move to apply for full membership of NATO.

Regardless of the Agreement of friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance signed between the USSR and Finland in 1948, their neutrality unlike Sweden which is a national identity, Finland\’s neutrality is believed to have virtually forced on them for the sake of security and peaceful coexistence.

Written by Sylvester Dordzi

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