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Following the current economic crises in Ghana, with inflation and the dollar in free fall, traders at the Makola market, Abossey Okai, and Okaishie on the 19th of October 2022 commenced demonstration which left the question of who loses in the mouths of unconcerned citizens.

As part of this demonstration, all shops were closed in protest, forcing buyers to return disappointed. The free fall of the cedi, inflation and the high cost of fuel and transportation were among the issues in contention. The uncertainty of prices has made it difficult to sell with a cheerful face. According to them “when you sell your goods without verifying the current price of the dollar” it will be difficult to restock as you may end up using everything you have to restock fewer goods than what you sold.

The government may stand aloof and say that “leave them, when they are tired, they will return to their shops” forgetting that if the traders don’t sell the government will not be able to collect revenues and there will be no productivity.

So my question again is who loses?

Written by Sylvester Dordzi

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