Agya Koo Responds to Allegations on Funding of Kumasi Mansion

Kumawood actor Agya Koo addresses the funding allegations surrounding his luxurious mansion in Kumasi. Discover his response, denial of NPP government involvement, and the controversy within the entertainment industry.

Kumawood actor Agya Koo has recently addressed the allegations surrounding the funding of his extravagant mansion in Kumasi, which have gained attention from various sources, including his industry peer Oboy Siki.

During a recent interview on Kumasi-based Kessben FM, Agya Koo firmly denied the claims that his mansion was financed through his association with the ruling NPP government.

Contrary to the rumors circulating on social media, Agya Koo clarified that the building had been in existence since 2007, long before any political affiliations.

While he acknowledged his support for the NPP, Agya Koo made it clear that the completion of his house had no connection to any financial assistance from the party.

“The building was already there in 2007, and even when I endorsed the NPP, I completed the house; it just wasn’t painted. I built my own house from scratch, and it’s disheartening to see people spreading baseless lies,” emphasized Agya Koo, expressing his surprise and frustration at the attempts to mislead the public.

Additionally, Agya Koo dismissed the additional claims of being awarded contracts by the NPP, stating that they were all false rumors.

Addressing the allegations made by Oboy Siki, Agya Koo chose not to give them much attention, noting that such comments were driven by personal animosity. However, he reassured his commitment to motivate others through his work.

The veteran actor highlighted the importance of financial stability and responsible financial planning. He explained that he saves money to ensure preparedness for unforeseen emergencies, emphasizing the significance of being self-sufficient.

The unveiling of Agya Koo’s lavish mansion in Kumasi has sparked controversy within the entertainment industry, leading to a response from fellow actor Oboy Siki.

Oboy Siki had previously alleged that Agya Koo’s funding came from an endorsement deal with the NPP in 2016. He argued that actors cannot afford such luxurious houses solely based on their earnings from acting.

This revelation has ignited a heated debate among fans and followers of the actors, with opinions sharply divided on social media. While some choose to believe Oboy Siki’s claims, others firmly support Agya Koo’s assertion of independently funding his mansion.

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