OBoy Siki Reveals Agya Koo’s Source of Funding for Kumasi Mansion | Shocking Revelation

OBoy Siki’s shocking revelation about the funding of Agya Koo’s extravagant mansion in Kumasi has sparked a heated debate among fans.

The unveiling of veteran Kumawood actor Agya Koo’s lavish mansion in Kumasi has triggered a strong reaction from his fellow actor, OBoy Siki, who has made a shocking revelation about the source of funding for the opulent property.

This revelation has ignited a heated debate among fans and followers of both actors, with divided opinions emerging on various social media platforms.

According to OBoy Siki, he believes that no actor can afford to build such a luxurious house solely based on their earnings from acting. He disclosed that Agya Koo, who had faced difficulties in the movie industry, managed to secure an endorsement deal with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2016, which provided him with the necessary funds.

In his own words, OBoy Siki explained, “Agya was sidelined in the movie industry, so things weren’t going well for him. So, in 2016, he went to do an endorsement for NPP, and that is where he got enough money. Our movie actors cannot build such proper houses with their earnings alone.”

OBoy Siki further claimed that Agya Koo’s mansion was made possible through his involvement with the NPP, one of Ghana’s major political parties. He emphasized that the funds used for the building came from political sources rather than the movie industry.

During a recent online interview, OBoy Siki revealed that Agya Koo initially faced challenges during the early stages of construction. However, he allegedly managed to complete the project after securing another endorsement deal with the NPP in 2020.

OBoy Siki firmly asserted, “The truth is that Agya Koo started with his own money for the building, but the finishing was done with political money. I am telling you the truth, and even the last time I told him to his face that I would disclose this to the public, so he shouldn’t be surprised. Lastly, he has also endorsed Kennedy and is expected to receive another significant sum of money.”

This shocking revelation from OBoy Siki has fueled a heated discussion among fans and followers, with opinions sharply divided. While some believe OBoy Siki’s claims, others remain skeptical and stand by Agya Koo’s stance on independent funding.

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